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Model Mfg Price description Type Size
301467 LaCie $ 185 LaCie 4big/5big Spare Drive - hard drive - 2TB - SATA-300 4BIG & 5BIG SPARE DRIVE 2TB   2TB
32655 Iomega $ 27 NAS DRIVE 180GB HOT-SWAPPABLE HDD FOR P445    
33250 Iomega $ 91 5PK REV 35GB SATA INT DRIVE    
34240 Iomega $ 977 Iomega StorCenter Pro NAS Hot-Swappable Hard Disk Drive - hard drive - 750 GB - SATA-300 FOR 450R SERIES    
34571 Iomega $ 494 Iomega 34571 Home Media Network Hard Drive - 2TB, Ethernet Cable, Hard Drive Solutions CD, EMC® Retrospect Software, MozyHome™ online service (2GB free)   2TB
DR-B800I-2A21 Data Robotics $ 2013 Data Robotics Drobo B800i SAN Hard Drive Array, DROBO SAN 8BAY STORAGE    
DR-B800I-2A21-D04 Data Robotics $ 3612 Data Robotics Drobo B800i SAN Hard Drive Array, 8BAY 8TB 4X2TB WD2003FYYS    
DR-B800I-2A21-D08 Data Robotics $ 6000 Data Robotics Drobo B800i SAN Hard Drive Array, DROBO 8BAY 16TB 8X2TB    

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Buy $126
150-disk capacity, built-in single port USB hub, used standalone or with PC to create a searchable database of disks. Then it finds them and delivers them, Select disks by keypad, or using win98/98se/ME/2000/XP Mac


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