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A description is shown below for each answer found along with a link to the answer.
Description Answer
Q193576 - Error Message "IE5WZD / Outlwzd caused an exception C0010000H in module Kernel32.dll MSJAVA.DLL at 015F:xxxxx" or "Explorer caused an Invalid Page Fault in module Kernel32.dll", hang if the Java Virtual Machine (VM) is damaged, win95/win98 IE4 Answer
Q181685 - Error Message "Wab.exe is Linked to Missing Export Advapi32.dll" using the Windows Address Book (WAB) in Outlook Express 4.x when the Advapi32.dll file is the incorrect version or is damaged, win95/win98 OLEXP4 Answer
TA00106 - Error Message "MSIMN Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module Wab32.dll" opening/starting outlook express/Internet Explorer After downloading if Wab32.dll file is damaged/corrupted or the folder is named Outloo~1, win95/win98/98SE OLEXP IE5 Answer
Q233264 - Error Message "MSIMN caused an invalid page fault Error in module Msoe.dll / unknown / Directdb.dll" or "exception C0000006h or 0x800c0131" If the Folders.dbx File Is Missing or Damaged, with Outlook Express version 5, win95/win98 OLEXP5 Answer
Q233264 - Error Message "MSIMN caused an invalid page fault Error in module Msoe.dll / unknown / Directdb.dll" or "exception C0000006h or 0x800c0131" If the Folders.dbx File Is Missing or Damaged, with Outlook Express version 5, win95/win98 OLEXP5 Answer
Q264136 - Error Message "A Fatal Exception 0D has occurred at xxxx:xxxxxx in VxD APIX(01)" starting "Motocross Madness 2", if the Apix.vxd file is damaged or outdated, win98 Answer
Q218632 - Invalid Page Fault Error in module Mfc42.dll Starting WordPad or Paint, registry entries are damaged, win95/win98/(ME) Answer
Q186909 - Error Message "Windows registry is damaged" during restart due to defective (RAM) memory chips, win98/(ME) Answer
Q149632 - Error Message Error Backing Up the System Registry "..not enough space on the drive for three copies of the file c:\windows\user.dat" due to damaged driver in config.sys or autoexec.bat or hard drive is full, win95/win98 Answer
Q135197 - Damaged Password List File Does Not Save Passwords, win95/win98/(ME) Answer
Q188694 - Error Message "The Drive converter cannot convert a drive with a bad cluster mark" When you attempt to convert your hard drive to the file allocation table 32 (Fat32) file system due to damaged or bad clusters, win98 Answer
Q260290 - Error Message "Windows cannot play the (path to file).wav file. It may be damaged or may not be a valid sound file" When Trying to Preview Sounds with the Sound Tool in Control Panel with Cheyenne Bitware Fax Cbwattn.exe file, win98/(ME) Answer
Q216433 - Error Message "The MSHTML control failed to create" in Outlook Express 4 if the Mshtml.dll file is missing or damaged or registry entries are damaged, OLEXP4 win95/win98 Answer
Q148637 - Error Message "Invalid flash diskette" with Windows 95/Windows 98 that the floppy disk is either unrecognizable or damaged with IBM Reference Disks and Flash BIOS Update Disks (Overwrites Boot-Sector Field on Floppy Disks), win95/win98 Answer
Q262998 - Error Message "Msgsrv32 Caused a General Protection Fault in User.exe" When you start or shut down (shutdown) your computer if you have faulty computer hardware or damaged windows files/drivers, win98 Answer
Q263809 - Error Message "A device file that is specified in the System.INI file is damaged ..C:\WINDOWS\system\ASPIENUM.VXD" During second reboot of Windows Millennium Edition Setup if this file is on computer before the upgrade, win98/98se/(ME) Answer
Q249191 - Blank Desktop or Error Message "Explorer caused an invalid page fault/an illegal operation in module <filename>" After You Install Internet Explorer, if Shdocvw.dll file is missing/damaged or you have the Pretty Park virus, win95/win98/98se IE5 Answer
Q266623 - Media Player 7 does not start properly or you may be unable to switch from full mode to compact mode if the Media Player skin file is damaged, use MSConfig.exe to re-extract the correct .wmz file, win98/98se/(ME) Answer
Q252900 - Error Message "Fatal Error: Problem Using UI Skins" if you have a Macromedia Shockwave in the Startup folder & the Shockwave files are missing or damaged, win98/98se Answer
Q242191 - Error Message "Explorer caused an exception C06D007EH in module Sens.dll" if the Wsock32.dll file is damaged or missing, win95/win98/98se Answer
Q254332(1) - Check for damaged TAPI components "type tapiini.exe tapi.dll tapiui.dll tapisrv.exe tapiupr.exe tapi16.exe remotesp.tsp tsp3216l.tsp tsp3216s.dll tlocmgr.exe telephon.cpl tcmsetup.exe tapi.inf", win98/(ME) Answer
Q242037 - Error Message "Please Check Your Content Advisor Settings for Missing Information" starting Internet Explorer if the Ratings.pol file is damaged or corrupted, win95/win98/98se/(ME)/NT4 IE5 IE6 Answer
Q174579 - Error Message "Error 745: An essential file is missing. Re-install Dial-Up Networking" when the (DUN) dll file is missing or damaged, win95/win98/98se Answer
Q249880 - Error Message "Hardware error. DriHwp32.dll not found or damaged " starting Windows 98, with a Turbo-Media keyboard (Kbturbo.exe ) If the Kmeke9801 program is loaded and damaged, win98/98se Answer
Q189495 - Error Message "cannot run program ..invalid format. The <drive>:\windows\system\imm32.dll file cannot load at the desired address, Error starting.. windows\system\imm32.dll file" if the Mfc42.dll and Imm32.dll files are damaged, win98/98se Answer
Q196067 - Error Message "HH caused an invalid page fault in module ITSS.DLL at 015f:7d0d1cb3" When you click the Index tab in Windows 98 Help if the Hh.dat file is damaged, win98 Answer
Q188106 - Error Message "An error occurred while Windows was working with the Control Panel file ...\SYSTEM\JOY.CPL " When you double-click the Game Controllers tool in Control Panel if the Dinput.dll file is missing or damaged, win95/win98 Answer
Q274474 - Error Message "MSIMN has caused an invalid page fault in module WININET.DLL" if Temporary Internet Files folder/History folder/index files cache files are damaged or a diallling with DSL connections, OLEXP win95/win98/98se/(ME)/2000 Answer
Q274419 - Error Message "Iexplore / MSIMN caused an Invalid Page fault in module MLang.dll " When you run Internet Explorer or Outlook Express if a TrueType font is damaged or if the Mlang.dll file is not registered properly, win95/win98/98se/(ME) IE5.5 Answer
Q272633 - Error Message "The Windows Media Update Notifier is currently unable to detect available updates" during the installation of Windows Media Player 7, if the Msxml.dll file is damaged or missing from the Windows\System directory, win95/win98/(ME) Answer



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