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150-disk capacity, built-in single port USB hub, used standalone or with PC to create a searchable database of disks. Then it finds them and delivers them, Select disks by keypad, or using win98/98se/ME/2000/XP Mac


A description is shown below for each answer found along with a link to the answer.
Description Answer
Q192835 - Error Message "Fatal Exception 0D has occurred at <address> in VxD V86MMGR (01)+ " When you use the Copy Disk command in My Computer or Windows Explorer & Performance tab may indicate floppy is using MS-DOS Compatibility mode, win98 Answer
TA00138 - Explorer caused an invalid page fault Error in module Kernel32.dll at 0027:bff 715a9 or fatal exception 0E has occurred at 0028:C001539A. Might be caused by NetBIOS or NetBEUI protocols, unknown cause Answer
Error Message "fatal exception page fault 0E has occurred at 0028:c02A16DA in vxd vwin23 (05) + 00002062 and at 0177:BFF9DDA7" might be caused by conflict with crystal reports and Internet explorer No Further Information Available
Error Message "Fatal Exception OE at: 0028:C004DF42, 0246:14747FB, 5E07: 0147268B" is most likely caused by resource problems with Internet Explorer, clean out cache, history and cookies (temporary internet files folder) to fix problem No Further Information Available
Error Message "Fatal Exception Error MFC42.dll @ 017f:5f45bf8a" when using Internet Explorer, IE5/IE6 Answer
Error Message "Fatal Exception Error 016F:BFF9B3D4" when opening Explorer or at other times, win(ME), this is most likely caused by a problem with a video card probably the GeForce type or its drivers, to fix check for newer drivers or lower acceleration No Further Information Available
Error Message "fatal exception 0E has occurred at 0028:C02A0948 in VXD VWIN32(05) + 00012D0" and a blue screen with win98se when accessing Windows Explorer Answer



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