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Description Answer
Q189952 - Error Message "Explorer has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down (shutdown)" or stack fault in module KERNEL32.DLL/SHDOCVW.DLL when using My Documents shortcut on desktop, if a needed path in the registry is missing, win98 Answer
Q192315 - "All Folders" Pane Missing or Windows Explorer Is Blank Answer
Q235236 - Cannot Type Text in Outlook Express or Internet Explorer when the Mshtmler.dll file in the Windows\System folder is missing or damaged, IE5 OLEXP5 Answer
Q249191 - Blank Desktop or Error Message "Explorer caused an invalid page fault/an illegal operation in module <filename>" After You Install Internet Explorer, if Shdocvw.dll file is missing/damaged or you have the Pretty Park virus, win95/win98/98se IE5 Answer
Q242191 - Error Message "Explorer caused an exception C06D007EH in module Sens.dll" if the Wsock32.dll file is damaged or missing, win95/win98/98se Answer
Q242037 - Error Message "Please Check Your Content Advisor Settings for Missing Information" starting Internet Explorer if the Ratings.pol file is damaged or corrupted, win95/win98/98se/(ME)/NT4 IE5 IE6 Answer
Q227040 - Error Messsage "Error loading powrprof.dll, COMDLG32.DLL file is linked to missing export SHELL32.DLL:645, inetcpl.cpl, DllInstall mshtml.dll msaahtml.dll Shell32.dll webvw.dll" After Uninstalling Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2 win98 IE4 Answer
Q249428 - Problem "IntelliMouse Explorer: Mouse Does Not Respond When Connected to USB Port" if Hidclass.sys, Hidparse.sys, or Hidusb.sys files are missing or improperly installed, win98/98se Answer
Q192591 - Error Message "Error loading setupwbv.dll A device attached to the system is not functioning" when you remove Internet Explorer or run the Internet Explorer 5 Repair utility if the Setupwbv.dll file is missing or damaged, win95 IE4 win98 IE5.5 Answer
Q277015 - Problem "Outlook Express Does Not Start from the Mail Button in Internet Explorer" because of missing or invalid registry key entries Answer
Q235505 - Problem "News Reader Menu Command Is Missing After Upgrade to Internet Explorer 5" because There is an incorrect entry in the registry, winNT4 OL98 Answer
Q261873 - Error Message "EXPLORER caused an invalid page fault in module unknown at c15f:00000934 or in module DIBENG.DLL at 0005:00003f2f", desktop icons and taskbar may be missing, When you run Microsoft Age of Empires 1.0, win(me) Answer



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