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Description Answer
Q183887 - Description of the Windows Registry Checker Tool (Scanreg.exe) and How to use it, win98/(ME) Answer
Q183091 - Cannot Complete Setup After Receiving Scanreg Error Message, win98/(ME) Answer
Q184043 - Registry Checker Tool (Scanreg.exe) Displays Only Some Backups with Time Stamp using MS-DOS version, win98 Answer
Q221512 - How to Manually Restore a backup copy of the Windows 98 Registry by going to cd\windows\command and doing scanreg /restore, win98/98se/(ME) Answer
Q228779 - using the "SCANREG /RESTORE" Command in MS-DOS mode May Not Restore Registry if a third-party program (such as Norton Unerase) has the drive's disk access locked, win98 Answer
Q182841 - When you use the Registry Checker (Scanreg.exe) tool to restore a backup copy of your registry, the backup from which you want to restore your registry may not be listed when configured to maintain more than 5 registry backups, win98 Answer
Q201655 - Error Message "You have restored a good registry. Windows found an error in your system files and restored a recent backup of the files to fix the problem" starting your computer, use scanreg /fix and scanreg /opt to fix, win98/98se Answer
Q184023 - Description of the command-line switches you can use when you run the MS-DOS version (Scanreg.exe) or the Windows version (Scanregw.exe) of the Registry Checker tool, win98/(ME) Answer



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