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Description Answer
Q316861 - Error Message "Pip.exe generates an error in Gdiplus.dll in Kernel32.dll Skchui.dll. Mfc42.dll or Visual C++ Runtime error abnormal program termination" when starting Picture It! 2002, Answer
Q217440 - Error Message "There was a problem starting the Office Assistant. Would you like to try reinstalling it" Word 2000 Excel 2000 PowerPoint 2000 FrontPage 2000 Outlook 2000 Access 2000 AC2k Answer
TA00101 - Error Message "Invalid page fault in module Msoe.dll/unknown/Directdb.dll in MSIMN, exception C0000006h in Directdb.dll, not enough disk space, Protocol SMTP Port 0 SSL Error 0x800c0131 when Starting Outlook Express/sending e-mail, win98 OLEXP Answer
TA00103 - Error Message "Invalid Page Fault Error in module Kernel32.DLL" when using or starting Communicator, win95/win98 Answer
TA00106 - Error Message "MSIMN Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module Wab32.dll" opening/starting outlook express/Internet Explorer After downloading if Wab32.dll file is damaged/corrupted or the folder is named Outloo~1, win95/win98/98SE OLEXP IE5 Answer
TA00111 - Ordinal 6442 could not be located in dynamic link library Mfc42.dll." or "Error starting program. EZPhoto.exe is linked to a missing export Mfc42.dll with Adobe PhotoDeluxe. Answer
Q245419 - Error Message "Outlook Express could not be started because msoe.dll could not be initialized .. out of memory .. Disk full..0x80007114 DBG file " starting outlook express after upgrading if identities registry key is corrupt, win95/win98 OLEXP5 Answer
Q197004 - Fatal Exception in CDVSD Starting Windows 98, exception 0E at 0028:C143EADA in VXD CDVSD(01) + 00001CFA from 0028:C18413E8 in VXD voltrack(04)+ 00000A18, Error Message, win98 Answer
Q264136 - Error Message "A Fatal Exception 0D has occurred at xxxx:xxxxxx in VxD APIX(01)" starting "Motocross Madness 2", if the Apix.vxd file is damaged or outdated, win98 Answer
When starting Corel Quattro Pro 9 the message "QPW caused an Invalid Page Fault Error in Module MFC42.DLL at 0247:5f47b7cc win98 Answer
Q230321 - Error Message "MAPISP32 caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL" Starting WMS in Windows 98 Second Edition, 98SE Answer
Q218632 - Invalid Page Fault Error in module Mfc42.dll Starting WordPad or Paint, registry entries are damaged, win95/win98/(ME) Answer
Q178548 - No "Starting Windows 98" Message at Startup, win98 Answer
Q175930 - Illegal Operations or Access Violations When Starting Windows, win95/win98/98se/NT4 Answer
Q237888 - Error Message starting compaq computer, program performed illegal operation, Explorer Caused Invalid Page Fault in Module Shell32.dll, Cpqshell in module Kernel32.dll, when system.ini [boot] has Shell=c:\compaq\cpqshell.exe,win95/win98 IE4 Answer
Q130329 - "Invalid COMMAND.COM" during shutdown or Restarting Computer in MS-DOS Mode if the "Exit to Dos.pif" file points to a different version of COMMAND.COM, win95/win98 Answer
Q182358 - Error Message: Incorrect Dos Version, Error Starting Program. A required .DLL file, ULIB.DLL, was not found, win95/win98 Answer
Error message "Urlmon.dll is missing" When Starting PageMill 3.0 for Windows, unknown cause Answer
Error "PD3 caused an invalid page fault Error in module [unknown] at 0000:0000001c" or Freeze/hang When Starting PhotoDeluxe Home Edition 3.0 in Windows or Urlmon.dll is linked to a missing export file Shlwapi.dll win98 Answer
Q254490 - "Iexplore caused an invalid page fault Error in module Urlmon.dll" Error Message When Starting Internet Explorer 5.0x when there are multiple entries for QuickView Plus in the registry, win95/win98/98SE Answer
Q264507 - Error Message: "Problem Getting Extra Display Info, Result Code = 0x88760249 (Can't Create DC)" with Windows (ME) starting DirectX Diagnostic Tool (Dxdiag.exe) on a laptop computer with secondary display Answer
Q189267 - Program Hangs or Error Message "Enc99.exe caused an invalid page fault in module Dirapi.dll" When Starting Bookshelf 99 or Encarta Encyclopedia 99 or Encarta Virtual Globe 99 ver 1.0, win98/98se/(ME) Answer
Q135405 - How to Repair a Corrupted WINS Database w/ Starting Version Count, NT4SRV, NT3WS (How to) Answer
Q186978 - When you use Disk Defragmenter to defragment your hard disk drive, the error message "Drive's Contents Have Changed: Restarting... " may be displayed or it continues to restart at 10 percent, win98/(ME) Answer
Q238656 - Error Message "MSIMN caused invalid page fault in module Msoe.dll or OE could not start, disk might be full or Msoe.dll not initialized when the *.dbx mail files are set to read only, when starting Outlook Express, win95/win98/98se OLEXP5 Answer
Q139708 - Compression Agent Resets to 5 Percent Complete, error "The drive's contents have changed: restarting...", win95/win95plus! Answer
Error Message "MMSYSTEM296" when starting Sierra's Half-life, right before the first intro movie is played because the .avi files are no longer associated with Media Player, re-associate the .avi file type Answer
Q259279 - You may receive the Error Message "Runtime Error 216 at 00009275/00002021/000043F2" starting Windows, Internet Explorer & Run=Msrexe.exe is in win.ini, if your computer is infected with a SubSeven Trojan virus, win95/win98/98SE/(ME)/IE5 Answer
Q258795 - Starting computer in Safe Mode, you may not have access to the mouse or keyboard (serial or PS/2 ) because of missing/corrupt registry subkey HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SafeBoot\Minimal, w2k Answer
Q272412 - Error Message "Access Denied" When Starting a Recently Installed Program, however, the administrator and Encrypting File System (EFS) recovery agents are able to start the program, This behavior is by design, w2k Answer



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