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Description Answer
Q186738 - Reinstalling Windows 98 Causes Safe Recovery Error Message If you upgrade Windows 95 running Internet Explorer version 4.x to Windows 98 or ME, win98/(ME) Answer
HP JetDirect Print Servers - HP Web JetAdmin 6.0 or 6.1, Internet Explorer Terminates or Shuts Down Unexpectedly In Windows NT, Upgrade the JVM if the version is 5.00.31xx or less (other) NT4 No Further Information Available
Q257770 - Unable to Change Settings for IntelliPoint Mouse Devices (Explorer/Optical/Web) & Error Message After you upgrade to Millennium Edition, setting in Win.ini/[Compatibility95] is not "POINT32=0x00080002", (ME) Answer
Q239643 - Information "File Manager (Winfile.exe) Is Not Included with Windows 2000", if you upgrade from win95/win98/NT4 file manager will be there & work properly, similar functionality is available in Windows Explorer, w2kadv/w2ksrv/w2kpro Answer
Q257961 - Error Message "Explorer caused an invalid page fault in module Browseui.dll at 0167:7f3506de" with an IBM ThinkPad 600x and ACPI features enabled, to fix upgrade Internet Explorer to version 5.01 (build 5.00.2919.6307) or later, win98se IE5 Answer
Q306352 - Problem "Windows Me OPKWiz Program Will Not Open After Upgrade to Internet Explorer 6 or Windows XP" or Error Message "OPKWIZ.EXE requires IE 5.0 to run" win(xp) (ME) Answer
Q235505 - Problem "News Reader Menu Command Is Missing After Upgrade to Internet Explorer 5" because There is an incorrect entry in the registry, winNT4 OL98 Answer
Windows Explorer crashes when you try to remove the $WINDOWS.OLD folder from a computer that has been upgraded to Windows Vista Answer



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