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Description Answer
Q185698 - Error Message "Can Not Delete Thumbs: Access Is Denied" When you attempt to empty the Recycle Bin if you are viewing the contents of the folder in Explorer when you try to delete it, win98 Answer
Q254490 - "Iexplore caused an invalid page fault Error in module Urlmon.dll" Error Message When Starting Internet Explorer 5.0x when there are multiple entries for QuickView Plus in the registry, win95/win98/98SE Answer
Q273800 - Windows Explorer Does Not Immediately Select the Folder You Have Selected and the "View as Web Page" option is enabled, IE5.5 win95/win98/98SE/NT4 (other) Answer
Q228160 - Screen Saver Is Not Password Protected If Started Manually from the Microsoft Office toolbar, by double-clicking the screen saver (.scr) file in Windows Explorer, or by clicking Preview on the Screen Saver tab in Display properties, w2k, win98 Answer
Q257675 - You may receive a random general protection fault (GPF) or Explorer may stop responding (hang) with Internet Explorer 5.x when viewing graphic images when the registry key is configured to use the image/xbm value, win95/win98/98SE/w2k/NT4 Answer
Problem When Using Windows Explorer or MyComputer, and you select the View Details Option, the listing is empty Answer
Q290321 - Error Message "Stop 0x00000050 (0xd7380000, 0x00000000, 0xbf5e7889, 0x00000000) " When you use Windows Explorer to view files on a DVD, because the universal file system driver (Udfs.sys) is reading past its memory allocation, w2k Answer
Q154092 - Error Message "Explorer / Commgr32 / Mprexe / Msgsrv32 TCP/IP / Msnviewr / Guide.exe / caused an invalid page fault in module Kernel32.dll or Connection Error 745" & computer hangs, if password is damaged, win95 Answer
Q303486 - Error Message "error has occurred in the script on this page, Line: 1210 Char: 1 Error: Unspecified error Code: 0 \SHDOCLC.DLL/preview.dlg" with Internet Explorer, when you print a Web page to a PostScript printer file, win98/98se/(ME) IE5.5 IE6 Answer
Q248278 - Error Message "Access violation" error message in Mshtml.dll" When using Internet Explorer with Active Desktop to view, IE4 win95/win98/NT4 Answer
Q282002 - Description "of Simple Folder View in Windows XP Windows Explorer" and How To disable Simple Folder view, win(xp)home (xp)pro Answer
Adaptec EZ-SCSI 4.03 Support, includes SCSI Explorer, SCSI Interrogator, Adaptec Backup , Audio CD Player, Jukebox CD-Player , Photo CD Viewer, CD Copier, CD Writer, QuickScan, SCSIBench, Drive Light, Adaptec SCSITutor, this product has been Discontinued Answer
How to Show / Display the Properties of any item on the Desktop or within Windows Explorer (The Shortcut to Viewing the Properties of an Item), win95/win98/NT4/(ME)/(XP) Answer
Note: The file CDFVIEW.DLL is used by Internet Explorer for viewing channels, it is located in the file of win(ME), a wrong version can cause problems with Backup Exec No Further Information Available
Error "Acrord32-Not Responding" during shut down, after you hit CTL+ATL+DEL, if you have opened a PDF document in Internet Explorer for viewing Answer



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