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Description Answer
TA00049 - Error Message "Exception Error 0E at 0028:0637B00 in VxD from 0028:C182A198 IN VxD SCSI1HLP(03) +00000508" with Compaq Presario computers (and others) After installing Easy CD Creator 4.0 and you put a disc in the DVD drive Answer
TA00049 - Error Message "AN EXCEPTION 0E HAS OCCURRED AT 0028:0637B00 IN VxD---. THIS WAS CALLED FROM 0028:C182A198 IN VxD SCSI1HLP(03) +00000508" After installing Easy CD Creator 4.0 & you put a disc in the DVD drive, win95/win98 Answer
Q281252 - Error Message "A fatal exception 0E has occurred at xxx:xxxxxxxx in VxD SCSI1HLP" when upgrading compaq computers with DVD drives from windows 98 or 98se to ME, computer may stop responding hang dut to file Idecdvsd.vxd 8.22kb, win98/98se/(ME) Answer
TA00149 - Error Message "An Exception Error has occurred at 00028:01C0FE23 in VxD called from 0028:C182F6E8 in VxD scsi1hlp(03)+00000508", on Compaq computers and possibly others due to file "scsi1hlp.vxd" or "Idecdvsd.vxd", win98/98se Answer
Q250005 - Error Message "A fatal exception 0E has occurred at xxxx:xxxxxxxx in VxD SCSI1HLP" or computer may stop responding (hang) when you upgrade to Windows Millennium Edition, Disable/Rename Scsi1hlp.vxd file in Windows\System\Iosubsys folder (Me) Answer
TA0049 - Error Message "An exception OE has occurred at 0028:00001019 in VxD. This was called from 0028:C182ADE8 in VxD scsi1hlp(03)+00000508." Answer
Error Message "error 0028:000100FA VXD --- ; 0028:C1835F38 VXD SCSI1HLP (3) + 00000508, probably due to conflict between Norton 2000 and Macopen No Further Information Available
TA00049 - Error Message "An exception 0E has occurred at 0028:02C15CA8 in VxD---. This was called from 0028:C1840A10 in VxD scsi1hlp(03)+00000510" Answer



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