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A description is shown below for each answer found along with a link to the answer.
Description Answer
Q240572 - Error Message "Internet Explorer Script Error file://C:\Program Files\Microsoft Money\WebCache\billstmt.htm type credits code 0" When You Print Customer Statement with Money 2000, and insert a space between the currency symbol and the value Answer
Q194176 - Error Message "Explorer caused an invalid page fault in module MSHTML.DLL at <address>" When You Try to Print a Web Page, win95/win98 IE4.01 Answer
Q235750 - Err Msg: "Explorer caused an exception 6d007fh in module Webcheck.dll", There are no offline items to Synchronize Answer
Q261693 - WebTV Interactive Channel Script Error Message with Windows (ME), "Explorer Script Error, Invalid Argument, file PC03WDA1.HTM", to fix Turn off the Interactive Content feature Answer
Q273800 - Windows Explorer Does Not Immediately Select the Folder You Have Selected and the "View as Web Page" option is enabled, IE5.5 win95/win98/98SE/NT4 (other) Answer
HP JetDirect Print Servers - HP Web JetAdmin 6.0 or 6.1, Internet Explorer Terminates or Shuts Down Unexpectedly In Windows NT, Upgrade the JVM if the version is 5.00.31xx or less (other) NT4 No Further Information Available
Q176960 - Description of the Loadwc.exe File (Load WebCheck which adds, removes, and updates subscriptions & propagates settings for user profiles) in Internet Explorer, IE for win95/win98/NT4 Answer
Q259827 - Error Message "Intermittent "Application Exception" Error Messages in Internet Explorer" When you use the shExpMatch function within an automatic configuration .pac file or web address larger then 127 characters, IE5 for win95/win98/98se/nt4/w2k Answer
Q257770 - Unable to Change Settings for IntelliPoint Mouse Devices (Explorer/Optical/Web) & Error Message After you upgrade to Millennium Edition, setting in Win.ini/[Compatibility95] is not "POINT32=0x00080002", (ME) Answer
Q175322 - Problem "HTML Code May Be Printed Instead of Web Page or Message" When you print Web page with Internet Explorer or HTML message using Outlook Express if temporary files (.tmp) are associated with text editor like Notepad, win95/NT4 IE4 OLEXP Answer
Q187770 - Error Message "Internet Explorer cannot open Internet site <Web address>. Overlapped I/O operation is in progress" & hangs, using IE4 with SP1 and accessing FTP/gopher sites & using a proxy auto-configuration script, win95/win98/NT4 IE4 Answer
Q227040 - Error Messsage "Error loading powrprof.dll, COMDLG32.DLL file is linked to missing export SHELL32.DLL:645, inetcpl.cpl, DllInstall mshtml.dll msaahtml.dll Shell32.dll webvw.dll" After Uninstalling Internet Explorer 4.01 SP2 win98 IE4 Answer
Q185512 - Error Message "Explorer caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL at 0137:bff798fb / MSHTML.DLL at 015f:7bd735a3 or iexplore access violation (0xc0000005), Address: 0x70422e5d" opening Web page that includes an <Embed> tag, win95/NT4 Answer
Q303486 - Error Message "error has occurred in the script on this page, Line: 1210 Char: 1 Error: Unspecified error Code: 0 \SHDOCLC.DLL/preview.dlg" with Internet Explorer, when you print a Web page to a PostScript printer file, win98/98se/(ME) IE5.5 IE6 Answer
Q261328 - Problem "When you click the Help menu About Internet Explorer, the cipher strength entry may be "0 Bit", & you may be unable to connect to secure Web sites" if Schannel.dll, Rsabase.dll, or Rsaenh.dll are bad, win98/98se/(ME)/w2k/NT4 IE4 IE5 IE6 Answer
Q259537 - Error Message "Page cannot be displayed Connection with the server was reset", System\CurrentControlSet\Control\SecurityProviders\Schannel key bad, when you use Internet Explorer to log on to a secure Web site, win95/win98/98se IE4 IE5 Answer
Q246725 - Error Message "The page cannot be displayed or Cannot find server or DNS error" when connecting to a secure Web site, due to incorrect security settings in Internet Explorer, Clear Use PCT 1.0 and Use TLS 1.0 selection, win98/98se Answer
Q222909 - Error Message "Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site http://Web site name. An internal error occurred in the Windows Internet Extensions" after reinstalling windows with IBM Personal Communications version 4.2 installed, win98 IE5 Answer
Q188706 - Error Message "IEXPLORE caused an invalid page fault in module WININET.DLL at 0137:7023d550" When you use Internet Explorer to connect to a secure Web site with 128-bit encryption, Install Internet Explorer 4.01 Service Pack 2, win95/NT4 IE4 Answer
Q259173 - Error Message "EXPLORER caused an exception 6d007fh in module WEBCHECK.DLL at 015f:78b32599" or "General Protection Fault in module Webcheck.dll" due to presence of webcheck.dll, when removing IE5.5 and installing IE5.0, win95/win98/w2k/(ME) Answer
Link to Internet Explorer FAQ's page at the Microsoft Web Site Answer
Link to a web site that discusses Internet Explorer having the home page taken over by port sites, , IE5 IE6 Answer
Problem: Internet Explorer Home Page is changed to an unwanted Web Address (probably after installing a Trojan or visiting an adult site that installs adware type viruses). Answer
Q191977 - Error Message "WebscanX caused an invalid page fault in module kernel32.dll at 015f:bff7b9e6 " with Internet Explorer Plus 4.0 Answer
Error Message "Explorer caused an invalid page fault on module GWS.DLL @ 016f:03c68071" and most windows programs will not run (explorer, recycle bin, My computer etc). Caused by a spyware hotbar, C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\GWS.DLL, (SBVS.dll) Answer
Link to download the Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 with Active Desktop from the HPC:Factor webisite (IE 5.5) Answer
Q824150, Internet Explorer May Quit Unexpectedly with an Error in Mshtml.dll When You Click a Button on a Web Page Answer
Q888092 - You may receive an error message (Microsoft Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close...) in module Mshtml.dll and Internet Explorer quits when you run a custom Web program in Internet Explorer 6 Answer
Adware.IEPlugin - an Internet Explorer (IE) Browser Helper Object that monitors Web site addresses, content entered into forms, and local file names that are browsed Answer
Q283807 - problem "Pictures are not displayed on Web sites in Internet Explorer", you see a red X or a placeholder of some type Answer



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