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Q255220 - Error Message "NTLDR is missing Press any key to restart " When installing/upgrading from win95 or win98 to Windows 2000 or XP on a large-capacity drive that uses the FAT32 file system. W2kpro win(xp) Answer
Q281652 - Error Message "Setup Was Unable to Build the List of Files to Be Copied The system cannot find the path specified" During a Windows XP Unattended Installation due to incorrect usage of /copydir switch , win(xp)home (xp)pro Answer
Q298500 - Error Message "Windows files must be installed for your installation to proceed. Insert your Windows XP Professional CD-ROM now" win(xp)home (xp)pro Answer
Q303217 - Error Message "Installer can't find lstwain.ds" When you plug a Microtek V6UPL scanner to a USB port after installing the driver ScanWizard version 5.05 which is not totally compatible with Windows XP, win(xp)home win(xp)pro Answer
Q305926 - Error Message "Line 4879 of the INF file i386txtsetup.sif is invalid. Setup cannot continue", because the BIOS in IBM ThinkPads 600, 600E, 770X, 770Z IntelliStation M Pro cannot read large text files during XP installation, win(xp)home (xp)pro Answer
Q309191 - How to "troubleshoot problems installing Microsoft Office XP on a computer running Windows XP (Home or Professional), and Setup appears to stop responding (hang) without apparent errors, win(xp)home win(xp)pro Answer
Q283421 - Error Message "Windows XP cannot recognize the partition you selected .. Cannot install on this partition..create a new partition.." When installing XP on a dynamic disk or the disk is corrupted/unrecognizable, win(xp)home (xp)pro Answer
Q309126 - Error Message "ASUSASV1.DLL+0x1725 " and the computer may stop responding (hang) using an Asus video adapter card if you did not use the Dynamic Update feature for the video adapter driver during installation or Windows XP, win(xp)home (xp)pro Answer
Q283783 - Error Message "Code 28 (The drivers for this device are not installed)", When upgrading from Windows 2000 to Windows XP, Device Manager shows the Windows Sound System Compatible (WDM) driver as having a problem, win(xp)home (xp)pro Answer
Q301933 - Error Message "Setup was unable to build the list of files to be copied. The system cannot find the path specified" When installing Windows XP and not using the /unattend switch, win(xp)pro Answer
Q306478 - Problem connecting to AOL and Error Message ""Unable to initialize modem - The network has stopped responding" after upgrading from win98 98se (ME) NT4 to (xp) because the AOL software installs its own network adapter Answer
Q307128 - Error Message "STOP 0x0000001E KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED source Aspi32.sys " When you are using Windows XP if an older version of the Advanced SCSI Programming Interface (ASPI) layer is installed, win(xp)home (xp)pro Answer
Q310335 - Error Message "The Installation/Removal of a Previous Program Was Not Completed.." When installing a program that uses the InstallShield Wizard, due to registry subkey "PendingFileRenameOperations" , w2ksrv w2kpro win(xp)home (xp)pro (xp)64 Answer
Q281534 - Error Message: Printer Driver Was Not Installed; Operation Could Not Be Completed, if you install a Windows 95/98/(ME) based printer driver in Microsoft Windows XP, these drivers are not compatible with XP, win95/win98/(ME) win(xp)home (xp)pro Answer
Q103673 - Error Message "Windows NT could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: <winnt root>\System32\ Ntoskrnl.exe" when booting NT with OS/2 v2 installed, NT4 win(xp) w2k Answer
Q283374 - Error Message "This file cannot be imported. Make sure that it is a valid file type ..contents have not been corrupted" when importing multimedia files to Movie Maker 1.1 if coder/decoder (codec) is not installed properly, win(xp)home (xp)pro Answer
Q283433 - Problem "Cannot Start Windows XP After You Install Windows 2000 with dual/multi boot" errors "SYSTEMd is missing, BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO STOP 0x00000074", NTLDR and files need to be copied, w2k win(xp)home (xp)pro Answer
Q286476 - Error Message "One or more components required to run Vizact are not properly installed. " When starting Microsoft Vizact 2000, Microsoft Java Virtual Machine (VM) is not included with Windows XP (available via download), win(xp)home (xp)pro Answer
Q286717 - Error Message "UNKNOWN DEVICE Code 28 -- No drivers are installed for this device The location of the device is listed on LOCATION: on Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Embedded Controller", win(xp)home (xp)pro Answer
Q306205 - Problem "The Qwestdex Dex Toolbar Is Not Totally Compatible with Windows XP", Error Message "xSides is currently designed only for Windows 95, 98, or NT" When installing the Qwestdex Dex toolbar to Windows XP, win(xp)home (xp)pro Answer
Q304799 - Error Message "HP OfficeJet K Series - Copy Error - An error occurred. Check the status of your HP OfficeJet" When using HP Director with OfficeJet K60xi printer/copier after installing/upgrading Windows (ME) to (xp)home (xp)pro (xp)64 Answer
Q296673 - Error Message "Windows Services for UNIX 2.0 Installer Information Error 26156. Installation of Telnet Client failed" it Does Not Work on Windows XP, win(xp)pro (xp)64 advsrv Answer
Q298212 - Error Message "LIB_InitVideo: ERROR 0x887601b3 Can't lock Primary Surface, or Unable to locate or process internal binary resource" When You Try to Play or Uninstall Hasbro Axis and Allies program, win(xp)home (xp)pro Answer
Q303160 - Error Message "Uninstall Option Not Available There is not enough Space to save your current operation system" When upgrading to Windows XP, win(xp)home (xp)pro Answer
Q305681 - Problem "Error Message STOP 0x0000007f or The Welcome screen may appear and your computer may then turn off" When performing a clean installation of Windows XP, if BIOS reports the computer is over-heating, win(xp)home (xp)pro Answer

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