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Q240021 - Problem "computer may stop responding (hang)" while it is entering Standby mode (suspending), If a USB Mouse Is Moved fast rapidly press keys on the USB keyboard, in the process of suspending, win98/98se Answer
Q308349 - Problem "Windows 98 Shutdown stops responding or Hangs for Five Minutes with USB Modem Present ", due to problems with Usbser.sys, win98se Answer
q315664 - Problem "Computer Does Not Shut Down Properly (computer may stop responding/hang) if Selective Suspend Is Enabled, After you attach a USB-based input device (such as a keyboard or mouse) to your computer, win(xp)home pro Answer
Mup.sys - a windows driver, at times it causes hangs during boot of XP with certain PCI cards, try removing unecessary PCI cards or USB components to see if problem goes away, this is a hardware-detection problem hardware/motherboard or software/windows) No Further Information Available
You may experience problems after you resume a Windows Vista-based computer from sleep/hibernation (stops responding or hangs) with STOP 0x1000007E usbhub.sys or STOP 127 PAGE_NOT_ZERO_NVIDIA_USB with more then 2GB ram and nVidia nForce EHCI controller Answer

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