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Q197144 - Cannot view cab files, When viewing contents of a cabinet (.cab) file using the PowerToys tool CabView, the View command from the right-click pop-up is missing and winzip starts when you double click, win95/win98/(ME)/w2ksrv/w2kpro (other) Answer
Selecting Stand-by mode from the Shutdown options menu will sometimes create an error message in the event viewer when Quicken is installed under Windows 2000 with Matrox Video Cards, w2k No Further Information Available
Q228160 - Screen Saver Is Not Password Protected If Started Manually from the Microsoft Office toolbar, by double-clicking the screen saver (.scr) file in Windows Explorer, or by clicking Preview on the Screen Saver tab in Display properties, w2k, win98 Answer
Q257675 - You may receive a random general protection fault (GPF) or Explorer may stop responding (hang) with Internet Explorer 5.x when viewing graphic images when the registry key is configured to use the image/xbm value, win95/win98/98SE/w2k/NT4 Answer
Q214770 -Information Is Not Updated When Consecutively Viewing Two Similar CD-ROMs with identical file names because the (UDF) and (CDFS) caches the files of the first CD-ROM and does not update this cache of the second cd, w2k/NT4 Answer
Q290321 - Error Message "Stop 0x00000050 (0xd7380000, 0x00000000, 0xbf5e7889, 0x00000000) " When you use Windows Explorer to view files on a DVD, because the universal file system driver (Udfs.sys) is reading past its memory allocation, w2k Answer
Q261255 - Patch Available for "Outlook Express Preview Pane Vulnerability with Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) e-mail messages", win95/win98/98se/NT4 OLEXP5, w2kpro/w2kser/w2kadv Answer
Q227336 - The "number of frames, compression %" not displayed & "device errors: CRC, timeouts, alignment, framing, hardware/buffer overruns, " show when viewing (DUN) Connection Status after upgrading from NT4, info now in Rasmon tool, w2kadv/pro/srv Answer
Q257643 - Problem "Spelling, Grammar Not Available in Word97 Running on Windows 2000, the Spelling and Grammar tabs in the Tools dialog box are unavailable (dimmed), to view them click Options on the Tools menu" with Word97 w2kpro Answer
Q258832 - Problem "Cannot Join Windows 2000 or Windows XP Client to a Windows NT Domain and pinging does not work, error message System error 53 has occurred using Net view" when NetBIOS over TCP/IP is disabled, win(xp)home win(xp)pro w2kpro w2ksrv NT4 Answer
Windows 2000 Server Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) Overview, w2k Answer

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