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Q142731 - How to Install and Remove Codecs and MCI Devices in Windows, win95/win98/(ME) Answer
Q156826 - How to Disable and remove/delete User Profiles by removing the ProfileList key in the registry, win95/win98/(ME) Answer
How to Remove Internet Explorer (IE4/IE5) from Windows using win98lite, win98/98se Answer
How to remove programs in Windows 98, win98 Answer
Q251334 - How to Remove Multiple Expired User Accounts from Windows NT, win95/win98/98se/NT4 Answer
Q176823 - Information on how to download the Eraser97 Utility which allows you to Completely Remove Remaining Office 97 Files and Registry Entries, win95/win98/98se/(ME) of97 Answer
Q250456 - How to Manually Remove/Uninstall Windows 2000 and Restore Windows 95/98, w2kpro win95/win98 Answer
Q181599 - How to Remove and Reinstall Dial-Up Networking and TCP/IP Files for Winodws 95 and Windows 98 (not for Millenium Edition), win95/win98 Answer
Q154850 - How to "Remove an ActiveX Control in Windows", win98/98se/(ME)/w2k/NT4 IE3 IE4 IE5 IE6 Answer
Q257234 - How to "Uninstall/Remove Internet Explorer 5.5" , win95/win98/98se/NT4/w2k IE5 Answer
Q293907 - How to "Uninstall/Remove Internet Explorer 6", win98/98se/(ME)/NT4/w2k IE6 Answer
How to unlock or remove the write protection from my Iomega Zip or Jaz tools disk while running Windows 98/95 or Windows NT, win95/win98/NT4 Answer

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