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- TA00186 -

Unsupported video card drivers for Windows (ME) @

Video Card Driver for S3 based Video Cards which are unsupported under Windows Millenium Edition (ME)

Some video cards do not have built-in drivers in Windows (ME). Normally you would get a new ME driver from the manufacturer's web site. But since some companies have been going out of business, you might not find a driver.

In cases such as the Number Nine "Motion 771" and other video cards, you might be able to use one of the Windows 98 INF files. You can download the DXS3.inf file to your computer, and using the manual method of installing the driver by navigating to this file and selecting the manufacturer and video card model.

This file which is designed to let you select video card monitor adapters for Windows 98, has pretty much the same drivers listed as the ME version. But, some of these drivers are NOT on the ME version unless you have upgraded from windows 98 in which case they will show up.

This issue became apparent when users requested from us drivers which at times would not show up on their listing when we could see they were clearly there but only on systems that were upgraded from 98 to ME..

An example of manually adding a driver (ie add/change video card) is shown on our windows 98 driver installation example page (the instructions are very similar to the ME version).

You can Click Here to download the DXS3.inf file from our site.



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