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- TA00191 -

How to fix Incredimail problem with .EML extensions @

How to fix a problem where the program incredimail ( has taken over the email attachment extension .eml from Outlook Express and gives the error "already in use by incredimessage", win98 OLEXP OL5 OL2000

If you have downloaded and installed the program "incredimail" you might experience a problem where you cannot read attachments with .EML extensions using Microsoft Outlook Express (or other Outlook versions). In such a case, you need to re-assign the .EML extension to the Internet Explorer application.

  1. Save one of the attachments to the desktop (or create a new shortcut with with a file name of something like hello.eml)
  2. Select the attachment so it is highlighted
  3. Press the keys <Shift> <Enter> keys. This will try to open the application which in your case will not be able to do and instead will open the "Open With" window. 
  4. Scroll down and Select the entry "Outlook Express Mail Message" within the "Choose the program you want to use" text box. In some cases the Incredimail installation could have removed this entry in which case you case try selecting the "internet explorer" . When you click on the entry to make the selection, the OK button will be enabled
  5. Click the OK button
  6. Restart your computer.



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