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- TA00379 -


How to prevent/block Outlook Express from receiving large emails messages/attachments

Open Outlook Express

On the Top Menu, Click Tools, Select Message Rules from the drop down selection
and then select Mail from the right hand selection menu

The "New Mail Rule" window will appear

Within the "1.Select the Conditions for your rule" text box, 
scroll down the list until you the entry "Where the message size is more than size"
Click on the white square in front of this entry to select it
A checkmark will appear indicating that the rule has been selected.

Next look at the box labeled "2. Select the Actions for your rule"
There you will find the options for the action to take when a large file has been received
You can choose any of the actions you would like to perform by clicking on the white square in front of the selection, which will then have a checkmark indicating it is selected.
A good selection would be the one labeled "Do not download it from the server"


After making this selection you will see some text in the box "3. Rule Description (click on an underlined value to edit it"

There you will see the following

You then click the underlined word "size" which will open a new window called "Set Size" which will have an area where you can type in limit of a received message (in kilobytes)

After making the entry click the OK button repeatedly until all the windows are closed

(Thanks Coleen for your input)



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