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- TA00551 -

Closing WordPerfect 8 Generates The Error: ''Wpwin8 caused an Invalid Page Fault In Module Kernel32.dll @ 0187:bff87ede.

Corel Article ID: 205605

Revision Date: October 30, 2000

he information in this document applies to: WordPerfect(R) 8 for Linux(R)

Closing WordPerfect 8 generates the Error:

"Wpwin8 caused an Invalid Page Fault In Module Kernel32.dll at 0187:bff87ede."

Run PFREG and unregister and re-register all components.s

To run PFREG and unregister and reregister all components:

1. Go to Start | Find | Files or Folders.

2. Type in "PFREG.EXE" in the named filed in Find Files or Folders.

3. Click on Find Now.

4. Double-click on the PFREG program on the bottom of the Find Files or Folders window when it appears.

5. When PFREG launches, click on Unregister.

6. After PFREG has successfully unregistered all components, click on Register.

7. After PFREG has successfully registered all components, close PFREG.

8. Close Find File or Folders.2



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