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- TA00720 -

How to Create a Windows 98se Boot Disk using a file you download from our site and make a bootable floppy disk for win98se

1) How to Make the bootable floppy disk

  • Download the boot disk file from our server
  • Click Here, to open the file download window
    the click on the link "Click Here to Download"
  • The Save Window will open, click on the SAVE button
  • Save the file to the desktop by dropping down the menu and selecting the desktop
  • Then go to the desktop, there you should see a new icon named "boot98se.exe"
  • double click on this icon to start the "boot98se.exe" program
  • It will ask you to put a blank disk in the floppy drive and proceed to make the disk a bootable win98se disk with CD-ROM support which you can use to boot the computer

Note: This boot disk will boot to a win98se DOS prompt, but can also be used to install other operating systems, if you plan to use Windows the CD-ROM disk for the installation.

This is possible because you only use the disk to provide a means of accessing the CD-ROM drive. Once the drive is detected under the win98se DOS prompt, and you go to the CD-ROM drive and start the installation (ie E:\setup.exe) the setup program will from there on ignore the diskette and proceed to install the files from the CD disk instead. In other words once the installation begins the floppy disk can be taken out and is no longer needed.



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