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- TA00786 -

Windows 98 is very insecure

When it is setup to ask for a password you can simply click the Esc key to bypass this prompt, this will allow you to enter windows and it will work fine except in cases where the computer is connected to a network that expects a password to be entered so that mapped network drives can be connected.

If you forgot your password and want to make a new one, you can enter windows by pressing the Escape key, then do the following

1) Click Start then Find, then select Files or Folders

2) When the "Find all Files" window opens enter in the "Named" box the following

*.PWL (this is an asterisk followed by a period then the letters P W L )

3) click the Find Now button

when the search is done one or more files will be shown, each of these files corresponds to the named login

if you deleted a file shown that has your login and ends in PWL, that login information will be deleted, and when you reboot the computer you will be asked to enter a new password and verify it.i



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