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- TA00812 -

How do I remove the write protection from my Iomega Zip or Jaz disk in Windows?

If your IomegaŽ disk asks for a password when you try to write to it, you will need to either supply the correct password to unlock the disk or long format the disk

STEP ONE - Remove the protection by using the password

    Use the following steps to remove the write protection from the disk.

    1. Insert the Iomega disk. 
    2. Double-click the My Computer icon. 
    3. Right-click the drive icon and click Unprotect. 
    4. Type the password in the password box. If you have forgotten the password, proceed to STEP TWO. 
        Note: The password is case sensitive with no spaces.
    5. Remove the check mark from the box next to Remove Protection Only Temporary to remove the write protection permanently. 
    6. Click OK. 
    7. Click OK again. 

    You are now ready to write to the disk

STEP TWO - Long format the disk

    Warning: A long format will completely erase all of the data on the disk.

    1. Right-click the drive icon. 
    2. Click Format. 
    3. Select Long Format. 

    A long format can take up to twenty minutes to complete. Once the format is complete, you should be able to write to the disk.



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