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General Information

Recordable drives are special CD drives which are capable of writing to CD disks. As of early 1999, it makes more sense to buy a rewritable drive rather than a recordable. The rewritable drives are capable of both recording to a recordable disk, and recording/rewriting on to the newer rewritable disks. 

CD-R drives are no longer available except for some companies that sell commercial grade CD-Duplicators.

The recordable media can be recorded only once. 

If you need information on rewritable drives, they are listed on this site at "The CD rewritable drives" page. Software update and driver links can be found there as well.


For troubleshooting information see The "CD Recordable Drives Troubleshooting" page


Why can't I play back my Recordable disks on my standard CD-ROM drive?

Playing back recorded disks on standard (non-recordable) CD-ROM drives should not be a problem.

However, there are some pointed exceptions.

1) re-writable disks can not be played back on many CD-ROM drives.
2) Recordable disks which were written using the "Explorer drag and
drop" method also can not be read back on many CD-ROM drives.
3) disks which were recorded using "Multi-session" can not always be read back on CD-ROM drives.

That leaves you with only one 100% method of reading back recorded disks. That is to make the recording in a single write operation, Not to use Multi-session, and Not to use the Explorer to drag and drop.

There is additionally an option in the recording procedure that allows you to "Close" the disk so that no further writing can be done. Many times after this is done, the disk can be read on other drives.


Audio Recordings -

We're not sure if the technology as of early 2000 makes this possible.

In the case of CeQuadrat's software, they say on their web site the following...

"Question : Is it possible to create a Audio CD on a CDRW media ?
Answer : You can create Audio CDs on a CDRW media but notice that almost all standalone CD players cant read CDRW".

More information on CD-R/CD-RW media.





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