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Errors with the file CTL3D32.dll

This problem seems to come up when a new application is installed. A newer version of the CTL3D32.DLL file is sometimes copied over the existing version causing the computer to issue the error.

This file comes in two versions, a Windows NT and a Windows 95. If the wrong version is used you will have a problem. Additionally, only one copy of this file should exist on your computer and it must be the correct one that came with your installation disk.

The original file "CTL3D32.DLL" file that was installed with your version of windows 95 or NT is named CTL3D95.DL_ and CTL3DNT.DL_ respectively and can be expanded from the installation CD-ROM or Disks that were used to install Windows.

This File when used with windows NT belongs in the \Winnt\system32\ folder.

For Windows 95 it must be in the \Windows\System\ folder.

Some programs overwrite the file with a newer (or incorrect) version which does not work properly. The solution is to use the correct version in only one folder.

Replacing the file -

Download Files

The file below will correct the majority of problems. But specific products have their own way of correcting this problem. Go to the appropriate link ( as shown above under the company name) to get more information.

Before downloading, go into Microsoft Explorer and search for any CTL3D32.dll files. Rename any that you find to CTL3D32.OLD. Then when you click the link below to download the file, the Save As box will appear. Select the Folder "\Windows\System\" and click "Save to Disk" for Internet Explorer or Save for Netscape Navigator.

After downloading the file the error should go away.



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