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Intel Chip Packaging -

Slot 1

Socket A


Socket 370

S370_1.gif (10980 bytes)


Socket 5 - 320-pin, supports 75MHz to 166MHz P54C or P54CS CPUs

Socket5.gif (21610 bytes)

Socket 7 - 321-pin socket, supports 75MHz to 200MHz P54C or P54CS CPUs, and P55C processors from 166MHz to 233Mhz.

Socket7.gif (18405 bytes)

Socket 7 is identical to Socket 5 with the exception that it has an additional pin (UPVRM#) originally meant to be used by the P55CT CPU ( MMX processors which Intel cancelled ). Technically Socket 7 and Socket 5 are functionally the same.

Socket 8 - Supports 150MH to 200MHz Pentium Pro CPUs

Socket8.gif (19287 bytes)



SECC2 ( Slot 1 )

Pentium® III processors use either a Single Edge Contact Cartridge (S.E.C.C.) or a Single Edge Contact Cartridge 2 (S.E.C.C. 2) packaging technology which allows the L2 cache to remain tightly coupled to the processor.

There are two versions, the PLGA and the OLGA which has taller fins and a thicker base.

Unlike the SECC package, the SECC2 Pentium(R) II processor package does not have a thermal plate.

Uses the SC242 connector


Uses the SC242 connector


PPGA - ...More Info @ Intel Link

Ppga.gif (4179 bytes)Intel P.P.G.A Packaging, uses the PGA370 connector.

FC-PGA ( Flip Chip Pin Grid Array package ) 

A newer version of Pentium III socket using 370-pins. It came after the slot 1 form.

According to Intel, the FC-PGA package is used on Pentium® III processors, and is referred to as the Flip Chip Pin Grid Array package. The PPGA package is used on Intel® Celeron™ processors, and is referred to as the Plastic Pin Grid Array package.

The PPGA package used on the Intel® Celeron™ processors has the actual silicon core facing down towards the motherboard. The silicon core is covered by a heat slug helping to dissipate heat from the core. The heat slug transfers heat from the core to the heatsink. As processors get smaller and faster, the ability to dissipate heat from the processor core is become more and more critical. The FC-PGA package, flips the silicon core over facing up. The core sits on top of the actual package and is exposed. The silicon die is exposed and makes direct contact with the heatsink.




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