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General Information

Note: To find current Joystick Hardware, prices, drivers or tech support links go to the Joystick Hardware page.

Typically a joystick is connected to the back of a sound card using the D style plug.

To install it under Windows 95, the computer is turned on, and the "Add New Hardware" icon in the control panel is double clicked. Once the joystick is detected, go into the control panel and open the icon "Joysticks" (or sometimes its the "Game Controllers") and select the appropriate joystick in the "Current Joystick" selection.

The biggest problem with joysticks is to have the proper sound/game card driver properly detected. Look in the Control Panel, System, icon, Device Manager, and verify that the sound card listed is the correct one for your system.

After you verify that the correct game card driver is installed, if the joystick is still not detected properly, go into the system icon (in the control panel) and again in the Device Manager section, under "Sound Cards, game controllers", delete any joysticks that are shown, shut down the computer and reboot. This should allow the computer to properly detect the joystick.

Microsoft Joysticks

...Troubleshooting Info @ Microsoft Link,

To Fix Online Games Problems with your Joystick

Press the Start button on the Task Bar, click Settings, click Control Panel

When the control panel opens, double-click Game Controllers, click the Advanced tab. On the bottom of the window you will see a check box labeled "Poll with interrupts enabled". Select the "Poll with interrupts enabled" check box (so it is has an 'X'), and then click OK.

Sidewinder Pro

Follow the directions in Troubleshooting joysticks. For the "Current Joystick" selection of the "Joysticks" control panel icon, select "CH Flightstick".

Sidewinder 3D Pro

Use the software provided by microsoft to install this device.

...KB article Q157287 "supported joysticks" @ Microsoft Link

...KB article Q138082 "Game port not detected..." @ Microsoft Link


Thrustmaster Joysticks

ThrustMaster  - Troubleshooting Info @ ThrustMaster Link,




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