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Networking 2 computers using 10Base-T -

The basics

In order to network two computers with Windows you need the following.

  1. A Network Card or USB Network Adapter for each computer. 
    If you use a USB Adapter then you will use a USB cable to connect the USB Adapter to the computer's USB plug (or a USB Hub).
    Of course if you are using an internal card then it is already connected to the computer.
  2. Using a Network cable (also known as UTP cable ) you connect the computer to a HUB. If you use a network card then you connect the cable to the connector on the back of the card. If you use a USB Adapter you connect it to the USB Adapter. In both cases the other end of the network cable goes to the Hub. The network cable's connectors look like an oversized phone connector.
    You use a single hub to connect 2 or more computers. The hub is the go-between for all computers that are networked together.
  3. Configure networking under within windows.


Hardware Setup

Before starting you need to turn off all computers. You must not power up the computers or the hub until you are finished connecting all the components.

Also you can read up on more networking information at the "Network Setup" page.

You will need one network card for each computer a hub and one cable for each computer. 

Note : You must make sure when you buy a network card that it matches the slots you have available on your motherboard. Most newer computers use PCI slots (which are PnP), while older computers use ISA style slots (which may or may not be PnP).


1) Unpack your Hub. Place it in an area that will allow you to easily connect a cable to each computer. You will also need to be close to an electrical plug since the hub needs to be plugged in.

2) You need 1 Network Interface Card for each computer.

3) Repeat step one for each computer.

4) At this point you should have a network card in each computer, and a cable running from each computer to the hub. 

5) Turn on each computer.

The hardware installation is now complete. You will now need to install the software.




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