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General Information -

PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) is an international standards body and trade association. It is also a hardware and software standard which controls how PCMCIA cards will function. PCMCIA cards are computer devices the size of a credit card that can be plugged in to a supporting slot on a computer. PCMCIA cards are available as modems, network cards, or many other devices. The PCMCIA card is also referred to as PC Card.

For information on PCMCIA Hardware see the PCMCIA Hardware page. 

There are two types of PCMCIA cards. The "PC Card" which is the older 16-bit version and the "CardBus" which is the newer 32-bit version of the card.

Software Releases

PCMCIA Card Types


Physical Characteristics

PCMCIA, PC-Card, CardBus,

PC Card Physical Characteristics

There are 3 types of PCMCIA cards and "extended" cards. They are identical in size

Type I
( 3.3 mm thick )
Type II
( 5.0mm thick )
Type III
( 10.5mm thick )

for Memory (SRAM,Flash,etc)

Modem, LAN, etc

This card comes in two versions, the 32-bit, 3.3V PC CardBus card and the16-bit, 5.0V PC card.

hard drives

They all have the same size, and only differ in thickness, a thinner card can be used in a thicker slot, but a thicker card can not be used in a thinner slot
Extended Cards are just longer then standard cards.

The connector pin-out is found at the site.




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