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General Information

Note: Many scanners have a safety which prevents the scanning mechanism from moving when the scanner is transported. Make sure you properly lock this safety when the unit is moved and to unlock it PRIOR to doing any scanning.

Basic troubleshooting

The quickest way to check for hardware conflicts is to look in the open the device manager and look for yellow exclamation points in front of the device names.

1) check to make sure that the scanner is receiving power. Make sure the power cord is plugged into the back of the scanner and also into an outlet that has power. If it is plugged into an extension block, make sure the switch is on.

Next make sure that the scanner is turned on. The typical On/Off switch has a 0 for Off and a 1 for On. Normally a light of some type will come on when the scanner is properly connected and turned on.

2) Check to make sure the scanner is unlocked (if your scanner has a locking mechanism).

3) Try running tests provided by the manufacturer of the scanner.

4) for SCSI scanners

check for ROM memory address conflicts if your scanner uses a SCSI card.

check for proper termination if you have a SCSI scanner.

5) for parallel port scanners

Make sure the connections to both the printer and the scanner are secure and tight

Make sure that the cables are not too long. The total length of the cables from the back of the computer, through the scanner and to the printer should not exceed about 10 feet.

Use the proper cables. If the manual calls for a Bi-directional cable use that, if it calls for a IEEE1284 then use that cable.

Make sure that the BIOS Parallel Port mode (EPP or Bi-directional) matches that needed by the scanner.

Make sure the Parallel Port I/O address set correctly (378h or 3BCh)



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