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There usually are 2 ways to scan a document.

The first is by using the scanners program which scans the document and then saves it to a file. After you save the file, you close the scanner program and open the PhotoEditing program. Then you load the file you just saved and it opens into a picture file on the monitor.

The other way is to use the PhotoEditing program and capture the document directly into a picture file. Usually there is an "Acquire" command on the PhotoEditing application which you use to start the scanning. The acquire method hides from the user the operation of the scanner. It scans the document but makes it look as if the scanner program was not used. When the scanning is done, you are exactly where you started, in the PhotoEditing program.

Since there are so many types of image scanning programs its almost impossible to list all the ways of scanning. Two scanning tutorials will be placed on this site and links will be provided in this area as soon as they are up. The first will be on scanning with HP scanners and the other with UMAX scanners.

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