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Dial-up Networking (DUN) | Windows98 |

General Info

DUN is a function of the Windows 98 operating system which allows a user to connect to the Internet using a modem.


DUN can be installed in one of two ways.

1) Use the Add/Remove programs icon

a) Open the Control Panel
b) double click the "Add/Remove Programs" icon
c) click the "Windows Setup" tab on the top of the window
d) click the "Communications" selection in the white text selection box, so it is highlighted
e) click the Details button on the button of the screen
f) click the check box in front of  the "Dial-up Networking" selection so that it is checked. (clicking repeatedly will toggle the check box on and off)
g) click the OK button to close the window
h) click the OK button to close the next window as well.
i) the computer might ask for the system disk so that it can copy some files
j) allow the computer to reboot when it asks you

2) install it using the Run command

a) click the Start button on the task bar, a selection will appear
b) click the RUN selection, the RUN window will appear
c) in the OPEN text box type INETWIZ and click the OK button
d) follow the instructions to complete the installation

This method could also fix problems which give you the error...

"Program not found, Windows cannot find 'Program.exe'. This program is needed for opening files of type 'URL:Hypertext Transfer Protocol'"

- see Microsoft KB article Q189583 (93).




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