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Dual Booting Windows 98 | Windows 98 |


The method for installing/activating dual boot on computers that already have the operating system installed (Windows 3.1x for example) is by running the Setup program to install windows and having the new installation of windows 98 placed in a directory/folder other than the one that already has the current operating system.

Windows 98 and NT 4.0

The preferred method for dual booting Windows 98 and NT is to first install Windows 98 and then install NT.

Install Windows 98 then NT

After Win98 is installed, you can simply place the NT CD-ROM into the drive and the install will automatically start the procedure. If the install does not start automatically, you can use Explorer to view the contents of the CD and find the file /i386/winnt.exe. This file will install NT on top of Windows 98.

You must make sure that you tell the installation to use a directory OTHER than the one used by Windows98.

If NT is already installed...

If you already have DOS or win 3.x installed, during the computer boot, when you see the selection for NT, DOS or windows, select windows and then after windows has booted, you can install/upgrade from DOS or Win 3.x to Windows 98.

If you do NOT have DOS or windows installed but you have NT, first go into NT and make a boot disk (if you don't already have one) or using the NT setup disk, make the set of 3 boot disks by running /i386//winnt /ox, then boot the computer with your Windows 98 disk (if you have one) or with a DOS bootable disk. Run the Windows 98 setup. This will temporarily corrupt the NT boot file. After the install is finished, reboot the computer and using the NT boot disk select the R (repair) option from the welcome screen.  



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