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Problems -

Problems with SFC and Desk.cpl file -

When you try to extract the Desk.cpl file from your Windows 98 CD-ROM by using the System File Checker tool, you may receive the following error message:

The file was not found. Verify that you have selected the correct "Restore from" location and try again

This issue occurs because the name of the Desk.cpl file on the Windows 98 CD-ROM is Deskw95.cpl .

Use System File Checker ( SFC ) to extract the Deskw95.cpl file, and then rename the Deskw95.cpl file to Desk.cpl .

Note : If you can NOT for some reason run SFC, a copy of Deskw95.cpl ( i.e. Desk.cpl ) has been placed on our server for download in case you have problems with extracting it from your disk.

For safety you might want to rename your existing c:\windows\system\desk.cpl file from desk.cpl to desk.old prior to downloading and saving the file below.

Download Desk.cpl - This file should be saved into the c:\windows\system folder.

( Note : Rather then confuse you we correctly named the download file Desk.cpl, but remember if you use SFC to extract, you must specify the name Deskw95.cpl then rename it , of course since the download file we provide is already named correctly you do not have to change it )


If nothing else works...

In many cases the problem is caused by incompatible video drivers.

To get around this, first boot into Safe mode, and change the video drivers to the Standard VGA

Then if your video drivers have an uninstall routine run it, or check in the control panel to see if they are listed in the Add/Remove software so you can uninstall them.

Then either run the Standard VGA or the Standard SVGA drivers or get the latest correct drivers for the card. The other option is to run the Add/New hardware wizard, but that usually loads a default driver that only goes up to 256 colors.

If at all possible, download the latest proper drivers from your manufacturer's web site.



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