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MSCONFIG - Disable Fast Shutdown | Windows98 |

The following instructions show you how to change the setting "Disable Fast Shutdown" which can help with eliminating Shut-Down problems with Windows 98.

1) Click on the Start button on the corner of your task bar. The Start pop-up will appear, with the mouse click on the Run selection.

2) The Run box will appear. With the mouse click inside the white text box next to the word "Open" and using the keyboard type in the word MSCONFIG as shown below. Click the OK button to continue.

3) The "System Configuration Utility" window will appear. This window has a set of tabs on the top. The "General" tab is normally selected ( if in double use the mouse and click on the General tab .) Click on the Advanced button which is located on the button right corner.

4) The "Advanced Troubleshooting Settings" windows will open. You will see a column of checkboxes on the left side of the window. Locate the "Disable fast shutdown" checkbox. 

If this is checked then you do NOT need to do anything else. Just click OK to close the window , and click on the OK button again to close the next window.

If this box is unchecked (empty), then click on the X within the checkbox so that it is checked. If you click on the checkbox repeatedly it will toggle between checked and unchecked (as shown in the picture below.) 

5) Click the OK button. This will close the "Advanced Troubleshooting Settings" window. 

6) Click the OK button to close the "System Configuration Utility" window 

7 A message will appear "You must restart your computer before the new settings will take effect. Do you want to restart your computer". Click on the Yes button. The computer will restart. 

8) You are now done.

NOTE: Disabling Fast Shutdown in Windows 98 changes the FastReboot value data from 1 to 0 in the following registry key:


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