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MSCONFIG | Windows98 |

General Information

Microsoft System Configuration Utility

msconfig.gif (7068 bytes)


Method 1

To start the msconfig program,

Click Start
Select Run
Type msconfig in the text box
The "System Configuration Utility" window will open

Method 2

Windows also has the equivalent of the MSCONFIG utility installed as part of the Operating System. To access this click...

System Tools
System Information
...then click on Tools on the top menu and select from the drop-down "System Configuration Utility"

Note: You should not use both the MSCONFIG and the built-in system configuration utility interchangeably. Changes made using one method will not show up in the other and can lead to unpredictable results. Either use the built-in utility or download the msconfig utility and continuously use the same one.  

Use MSCONFIG to....

Disable Fast Shutdown Using MSCONFIG

...To Enable/Disable execution of Startup programs

1) Open MSconfig as shown above

2) Click on the Startup button on the top right corner of the window

A list of programs will be shown each having a checkbox to the left of the name.
Click on the checkbox to enable the program (so it runs when windows boots) and click a second time to Uncheck the box to disable the program (so it does not run when windows boots).


After opening the MSCONFIG program, you can click on the Startup tab located on the top of the window.

Clicking Startup changes the window showing you all the programs that are capable of being executed during the windows boot process.

Clicking on the check box in front of the program enables that program so it automatically loads during boot. Unchecking the box (so it is blank) removes that program from the startup sequence so it does not load automatically.

When you finish with the changes click the OK button to close the window.

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