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Monitor-Changing Settings | Windows98 |


How To...Change the Monitor Color Settings

Open the Control Panel

Click the Start Button

Select Settings from the pop-up Selection List

Select Control Panel from the available selection

The Control Panel will open.

Double Click the Display icon

The "Display Properties" Window, with the "Background" tab pressed.


Click on the "Settings" tab on the upper right corner of the window

The "Display Properties" Window when you click the "Settings" tab.


There are two items you can change, the "Colors" and the "Screen Area". You can also press the Advanced button to change the Video Card Driver. To see how this is done go to this page.

The most common "Colors" selections are

The "16 Colors" selection makes pictures look grainy but programs run faster. The True Color (32 bit) gives you the best picture but runs the slowest and uses more of your windows resources. 

A good compromise is selecting the High Color (16 bit). The amount of memory your video card has will determine how many items will be shown in the selection list. A video card with very little memory might show only the "16 Colors" selection. The same thing will happen if you have the wrong video card selected or are using the driver for the Standard VGA video card. 

To change this setting , click on the down arrow to the right of the "Colors' selection

The drop down selection will be shown with the current selection highlighted in blue.

Note : If you have a grainy picture the "16 Colors" is most likely selected and you need to change it.

Click on the "True Color (24 bit)" selection if you have it. If not use the "High color (16 bit)" . If you do not have that click on the "256 color". If this is not available then your video card can only display 16 colors, or you have the wrong video card selected.

After you make your selection click the Apply button on the bottom right of the window.

Depending on your computer, you might receive a "Compatibility Warning" window asking you to either restart your computer or continue without restarting.

If you get the above warning you can click on the "Apply the new color settings without restarting?" and click the OK button.

The screen will go dark for a few seconds and the color mode will change.

Alternately you could have click the option "Restart the computer with the new settings", in which case the computer will restart when you click the OK button. 


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