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Monitor - "Change the Adapter" | Windows98 |

How to change the Video Card Adapter used by your computer.

Open the Control Panel

Click the Start Button

Select Settings from the pop-up Selection List

Select Control Panel from the available selection

The Control Panel will open.

Double Click the Display icon

The Display Properties window will open.

The "Display Properties" Window, with the "Background" tab pressed.

Click on the "Settings" tab on the top right corner of the window.

Click on the "Settings" tab on the upper right corner of the window

The The Display Properties window will open.

The "Display Properties" Window when you click the "Settings" tab.

Click on the "Advanced" Button towards the bottom right corner of this window.

The "Display Properties" Windows, after pressing the "Advanced" button with the "General" tab clicked

Next click the "Adapter" tab on the top of the screen.

The Video Properties "Advanced" window, with the Adapter tab selected

The "Update Device Driver Wizard" window will open.

Press the "Next" button to continue

The window will change asking you to select a method for updating the file. You can either select to have the computer automatically search for a driver or to display a list of drivers that you can select manually.

The preferred method is to select the top option "Search for a better driver...".

1. "Search for a better driver..."

Select this option and click the Next button

A window will open showing the places where the computer can find drivers

Depending on what type of driver you have you can make an appropriate selection

If your driver is on a CD-ROM disk then that selection should be checked, for floppies, use the mouse to uncheck the CD-ROM drive and instead check the "Floppy disk drives" selection.

Click the Next button to continue

If a driver is found it will be shown on the following screen.

Click the Next button (more than once if necessary) to continue.

Finally click the "Finish" button

A window will appear telling you that you must restart your computer.

Click the Yes button to continue.

After rebooting the new driver will be used.

If for some reason you've selected the wrong driver, or if windows automatically selected the wrong driver, the computer might reboot into Safe Mode. 

In such a case you will need to repeat this process and make sure you use the Manual method to select the "Standard VGA" video card.

2. "Display a List....". This window has the "Show compatible Hardware" selection checked.

a) If you want to manually select a driver from a list of manufacturers....

Click on the "Show all hardware" selection.

The screen will show the manufacturers on the left and their products on the right of the screen. Make your selection if you know these items.

Standard VGA mode:

In cases where you have to go back to a "Standard VGA" mode for troubleshooting select the following.

Scroll the "Manufacturers" list to the very top until you see "Standard display (types)"

To continue click the Next button

You might receive a Warning saying that "..this driver was not written for this video card....". Click the "Yes" button to continue.

Click Next to continue

On the following screen press the Finish button.

Finally click the "Close" button repeatedly until the window is closed and reboot the computer.


b) If you know your driver and you see it on the list, you can select it with the mouse and press the Next button

The next screen will show the location of the driver. Click the Next button to continue.

A window showing "Copying files..." will be displayed for a short time, and then the window will have a "Finish" Button. Click the Finish button. 

Finally Click the Close button repeatedly until all the windows are closed and reboot the computer.



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