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Resource Meter | Windows98 | Utilities |

General Description

The "System Resource Meter" is a Windows utility program that can monitor your system resources and visually present a "Low Resource" condition. 


It is not installed automatically when you install Windows 98. You need to install it after you install windows. The instructions on how to install the "Resource Meter" are at the "Resource Meter Installation" page.

After you install it, you can use the method below to start the utility. It will work as long as the computer is on and the next time you reboot you will need to start it again.

Making "Resource Meter" start automatically

If you want it to automatically start every time you start windows, 
you can add a shortcut for the program "RSRCMTR.EXE"  (located in the c:\windows" folder ) 
to the ... "c:\windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" .... folder.

To do this, follow the directions below

  1. Right click on an empty area of the Task Bar, and select properties from the pop-up selection menu.
  2. Click on the "Start Menu Programs" tab on the top of the window
  3. Click the Add button. The "Create Shortcut" window will appear.
  4. Type the following in the white "Command line" text box 
    and click the Next button
  5. The "Select Program Folder" window will open
  6. Scroll down and double click the "StartUp" folder
    The "Select a Title for the program" window will open.
    You can accept the entry it has in it
  7. Press the Finish button

The next time the computer is restarted the Resource Monitor will be activated automatically.

If you want to activate it immediately you can follow the instructions below.

Starting "Resource Meter"

After it is installed you can start it by clicking ...

| Start | Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Resource Meter |

Using "Resource Meter"

The Resource Meter shows up on the Task Bar as shown below.

You can also double click the Resource Meter icon on the taskbar and get a window showing the values of each of the three resources that are tracked by the resource meter.

When you open several programs at one time the System Resources begin to fall off. When they start to fall off below the 25% value it is dangerous and you should close some programs that you do not need in order to avoid lock-ups. You can probably run with resources as low as 15%, but you will be taking a chance. Some of our visitors said they can run their systems with resources close to zero while others have problems at 30%. It all depends on what programs you are running and your hardware. Just be aware that low resources can cause problems.

In this example system is running low on resources as shown by the icon on the Task Bar and the Resource Meter window.

And when you double click the above icon you get the "System Resource Meter" window which shows you the system resource readings similar to the ones shown below.

The "Yellow" icon and the readings above show that this system is very low on resources.

Resource Utilities

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