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...The computer "hangs" on shutdown.... ( ...see also the "Hanging problems page )

  1. "Fast Shutdown" might be causing problems

    Disable Fast Shutdown Using MSCONFIG


  2. The computer uses ACPI and the Fast Shutdown is ON - ...see Microsoft KB article Q196008 (104).
    When using ACPI and the computer hangs with the message, the computer might lock up with the message..
      Windows is shutting down
      It's now safe to turn off your computer

    A fix is available from microsoft at the above link.
  3. "Hard Drive" might be causing problem
    Check your hard drive for possible errors using the surface scan option. Even better use a commercial Utilities program to scrub the hard disk and see if there are any bad spots.
  4. If you are using Norton Anti Virus, use the "Live Update" to update your virus definitions through the internet. Sometimes this will fix problems with hanging during shutdown.

    Another fix for the NAV is to edit the system registry key (do at your own risk) "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\control\Shutdown\ExclusionList"
    ...and remove the NAVEX entry

    ...related links to the microsoft site


    1. "How to Disable Fast Shutdown in Windows 98"
      - see Microsoft KB article Q187607 (105).
    2. "Cannot Start a Command Prompt or Restart in MS-DOS Mode" 
      - see Microsoft KB article Q195176 (106).
    3. Norton AntiVirus causes window to hang on shutdown
      - see Microsoft KB article Q187324 (107).
    4. Computer Stops Responding When Shutting Down Windows 98
      - see Microsoft KB article Q189880 (108).


  5. "Typical Role" might be causing problem
    Another cause might be the "Typical Role of a computer = Network Server" setting which is found in | Control Panel | System | Performance-Tab | File system-Button | Hard Disk-Tab |.
    When this setting is set to "Network Server" the computer can have problems 'dumping the cache'.
    Change the setting to "Desktop Computer" and see if the helps.
  6. "Fast Find" causes problem
    Try disabling the program "Fast Find"
    Click on Start | Run | and type in the text box MSCONFIG and click OK
    The "system configuration utility" screen will open. Click on the Advanced button on the bottom right corner. Uncheck the "Microsoft Find Fast" check box (if it is checked)
    Click OK to close the Advanced screen, Click OK again to close the Utility screen.
  7. A user suggested holding down the "Shift" key while clicking on Shutdown.
  8. Computer is having a "bad day"
    As a last resort, try rebooting the computer in the safe mode, then rebooting again in the regular mode.
  9. ...problems with UDMA and OEM version of Win98
    see "How to Automate the UDMA Fix in Windows 98" - Microsoft KB article Q241459 (109).

Hard Drive Stays on after shut down

Shutdown problems with Windows 98SE -

...see Microsoft KB article Q239887 (111).

Fix - 

...see Microsoft KB Article Q238096 (39).

also download and install the Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Supplement from one of the following Microsoft Web sites:

Windows 98 SE shutdown problems -

Note : If you apply this fix for the shutdown problems it takes the "disable fast shutdown" out of the advanced menu tab of the configuration utility.

Specific Errors


Misc -

"To shut down Windows 98 in one simple double-click. To implement this technique, launch the Create Shortcut wizard by right clicking on the desktop and selecting the New/Shortcut command from the shortcut menu. Once the Create Shortcut wizard loads, type c:\windows\rundll.exe user.exe,exitwindows in the Command Line text box,. (Make sure that there isn't a space between the comma and the exitwindows parameter otherwise the command won't work.) To continue, click Next.

When the next page appears, type Shut Down Windows 98 NOW! in the Select a Name For the Shortcut text box and click Finish."


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