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General Information

The Startup process of windows uses several files in order to automatically start certain programs. Some of these are system files and others are programs that the user can control, such as utilities.

The most common places that windows uses for startup file execution are :


Problems with Startup

Windows Hangs

Windows 98, Hangs, On Startup

For general troubleshooting use the MSconfig utility to remove some of the startup programs. ( click Start Run type MSCONFIG in the box and press <enter>).

Click the Startup Tab and uncheck as many of the programs as needed and reboot the computer. This will cause windows to start with as few programs as possible and hopefully isolate the cause of the hanging. Then you can repeat the above procedure and add in the programs until the lockup comes back on.

You can also select the "Diagnostic Startup" option under the General tab and when you reboot you can load the devices manually.

After opening the MSCONFIG program, you can click on the Startup tab located on the top of the window.

Clicking Startup changes the window showing you all the programs that are capable of being executed during the windows boot process.

Clicking on the check box in front of the program enables that program so it automatically loads during boot. Unchecking the box (so it is blank) removes that program from the startup sequence so it does not load automatically.

When you finish with the changes click the OK button to close the window.


Errors with Startup -



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