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Issue TA00130 | Windows98 | Exception Errors |


Errors with CRS32.dll at...015f:023d86b2 or 017f:100086b2

This is a quirky problem caused by some programs like games which install the files crs.exe and crs32.dll.

List of programs that might cause the error 

Solution :

1) It is possible that some of the problem comes from advertising type software from programs by The company has an opt-out page which you might want to use and opt-out that might stop the pop-up of the ads.

2) Try deleting the files crs.exe and crs32.dll and if you have a backup of your registry and want to take a chance (and know what you are doing, search for entries to the above files in the registry and possibly delete them). 

This is done by Using the Start Run regedit click OK and select Edit then Find and search for "CRS". Deleting entries that use CRS32.dll and CRS.exe by highlighting the entry and selecting Edit Delete from the top menu .

If the above files are in use, you might have to go into SAFE mode or boot to a true DOS PROMPT in order to delete them. You can also rename them by changing the extension from .exe to .old .

When in a DOS prompt, you can use the command 

DIR crs*.*/s <enter> find all files that start with CRS. Then when you find it you change to the directory where they are using the CD command...

CD\windows\system <enter>

when you are in the folder that has the file you can again verify its there by doing

DIR CRS*.* <enter>

then delete it by doing...

DEL CRS32.DLL <enter>

Then reboot the computer.

Remember do not delete any other files just the CRS32.DLL and perhaps if CRS.exe if it is also there.

You can read about other people that had this problem at the forum.





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