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Issue TA00219 | Windows98 | Exception Errors |

Error Message "Fatal Exception Error MFC42.dll @ 017f:5f45bf8a or 0167:5f45bf8a" when using Internet Explorer, IE5/IE6

Note: This virus has mutated again. The first thing you should do is to Use Find ( | Start | Find | ) and Search for any Files/Folders named Xupiter and rename the folder if found, to Xupiter-BAD.

1) We have been receiving many emails about this error starting on January 12, 2002. Most likely you will receive the MFC42.dll error while trying to use Internet Explorer. See Fix below. Also see this FAQ page we have on Xupiter and any further mutations we find.

1) this might be related to the new "Sobig" virus so update your anti-virus data definitions immediately and re-check your system.

How to Fix this problem.

This error is most likely caused if your computer has been infected by the "Xupiter" spyware/scumware Trojan Virus.

The easiest way to remove these type of programs is to get the a program like the Ad-aware program and run it regularly.


The "Xupiter" Trojan is an add-on type program that can install itself without your knowledge when you visit sites that are equipped to perform the unattended download.

This program and others like it are supposed to help users find information but in our opinion they cause problems and in this case prevent you from using Internet Explorer and present the error message.

Anti-virus programs are not capable of finding this program or others like it, but you can use a program like Ad-Aware to detect and remove such Spyware programs.

Also see this page for specific info on what Xupiter does (it could do more or change over time as new variants come out)


More Information -

These type of programs, including Morpheus, Kazaa, Xupiter, Comet Cursor, LimeWire and many others, cause a lot of problems and we recommend you remove them if at all possible.

See this page for an explanation of traditional problem with MFC42.dll.
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