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General Information

KB article Q246236 @ Microsoft describes how to to configure your computer running Windows 2000 to use either a standard APM hardware abstraction layer (HAL) or an ACPI enabled HAL.

To change the Windows 2000 Standard HAL to ACPI HAL, use Winnt32.exe to install Windows 2000 over the current installation. If you try to change the type of HAL without running Setup, you may not be able to start Windows 2000 successfully again or you may experience hardware and other stability problems.

You cannot change between Standard and ACPI HALs because of the different way an ACPI and a non-ACPI BIOS enumerate hardware. The copy of the hardware tree, which is kept in the Windows 2000 registry, is stored differently for each type of HAL. If you change the HAL without running Setup again, Windows 2000 may not be able to find hardware components needed to start the computer.

NOTE: You can use Device Manager to change from a single-processor HAL to a multiple-processor HAL.

For additional information, please see the following article(s) in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Q237556 Troubleshooting Windows 2000 Hardware Abstraction Layer Issues
Q216573 How Windows 2000 Determines ACPI Compatibility
Q197055 Disabling ACPI Support in BIOS Results in Error Message

Misc -

To select ACPI support after windows was setup, do not change it in the device manager computer property settings. Rather reinstall Windows (run setup, use the upgrade option to keep your settings), and when you get the screen that asks you to press F6 to install additional SCSI drivers, press F5 and select which HAL to install (scroll until you find the selection). 

Select ACPI standard if you have a regular motherboard. Select Uniprocessor ACPI only if you have a motherboard that can support dual processors and ONLY has one processor installed.




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